Held To A Different Standard

Yesterday just absolutely sucked.

I’ve been trying very hard to keep my emotions in check when it comes to Doug’s family.  But they’ve reared their ugly heads again and it irritated Doug to no end yesterday.

So, Doug and I had scheduled some time for me to come down and visit during the first week of April.  His grandmother threw a fit because her brother is also coming to visit during that week.  Her brother is not staying in the house but will be there to visit.  But, somehow, I’ll be in the way.  Doug said he fought with her on this and ended up winning the argument on the condition that if need be, we’ll have to stay somewhere else for the night if it becomes an issue.  Then they apparently started arguing over her decision that I could not move in with them.  Doug is pissed.  Extremely pissed that his brother can do whatever he wants and no one stops him.  But the moment Doug attempts to do any thing like his brother does, he’s chastised and told it’s the wrong thing to do.  So, to recap, his brother can forcibly move his girlfriend in and no one bats an eye.  Doug asks for permission to move me in and is told no.  His brother’s girlfriend didn’t have a job when she moved in.  She and him never paid a cent of rent to Doug’s grandmother.  Doug and I both work and Doug pays her a fee for living in the home.  I would also contribute to that.

I told Doug that it’s not that he’s being held to a different standard, it’s that they don’t like me.  He disagreed and told me that has nothing to do with it.  I disagreed and told him that it’s fine either way.  The BFF thinks we should just plan to get a place together.  Away from his family.  That way we can be together and not worry about offending their sensibilities.  I haven’t discussed this idea with him.  While his family’s opinion of me irritates him, he’s still dedicated to taking care of his grandmother. So, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be very open to the idea.

I’m just wondering how long he’ll take the resistance before taking action… either in our favor or not.