Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

It’s an amazing thing, love.  It’s probably one of the strongest human emotions.  It’s probably one of the most stated reasons people choose to live.  Love is definitely the only reason why I stay alive.

I woke up to Doug giving me kissy face on Instagram.  He posted it late in the evening after I had gone to bed.  I liked the post and was surprised when he texted shortly after. He’d been up all night watching Yu-Gi-Oh.  Got the notification that I liked his pic and thus texted me.

Doug is not a PDA type of person.  However, this post on IG just tells me that in the middle of the night, he was thinking of me.  That he misses me.  Despite my fears about his family breaking us apart, it’s wonderful to know that he’s still there and thinking of me just like I think of him.

He told me at the beginning of this relationship that no one would treat me as well as he would. And so far, he’s not disappointed me. He really does make me feel like a Queen. Not a spoiled Princess, but a real, dignified Queen. Which says to me that he values me. For me.

In the past, many have said that they cared for or even loved me but in the end, only Doug has shown me that I am valued for who I am and not what or how much I give.

I hope he realizes that his love and appreciation is exactly what will end up keeping me around.