Special Treatment and Long Standing Feels

It’s terrible that I haven’t updated in a while. Doug and I have found our groove and we’re both ridiculously happy. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at him but yeah… lol

So, here we are, just a week shy of 2 months together. I feel like a teenager. I’m in love and I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve never been treated very special before. I’ve never really known what that was like. But the whole time he was here, he treated me like a Queen. The night of my birthday, he took me out to dinner to one of his favorite places. That place has become our place. You know, one of those places that become the place you only go to together. So, now we have a place we go to only together in each place. I digress though… initially we were supposed to go to dinner with my family but my grandmother didn’t feel well so she asked if we were okay to go the following day. While I agreed that was okay, he still insisted that he and I go out. The following night, when we went out with my family, he bought champagne and toasted me. That’s now the second time he’s toasted me. The first being my last visit when he said, “Thank you. For being here. With me.”

This special treatment is a side of him I didn’t even know existed. He has manners and takes me out when I come visit and everything… he just… I don’t know if I can describe it. It’s like the very air he breathes is me. And he doesn’t have an issue with showing me. He’s still a man though and he’s selective about who he lets see that outside me and him. Night before last, we went out to dinner with a friend of his mother’s. She asked how long we’d been together. He said, “Well, about 6 months.” I looked at him, raised an eyebrow and said, “6 months, eh?” He said, “With all the dates that weren’t supposed to be dates…” That made me even happier. He acknowledges the feels and chemistry happening that far back.

I have a bit more to say on all this but unfortunately, I’m doing this update from my mobile. And I have to get ready for work soon. So, until then…