Turn of Events

How crazy is it when things just change in the blink of an eye?

Who knew that today would become the day I’ve been waiting for.

Maybe I’m a bad person after all this, but I made my decision.

Rewind to my last visit to California for New Years.  Doug and I spent the holiday together and I had hoped that maybe, just maybe he would see me.  See how much I cared for him.  But I went home empty handed.

About 2 weeks ago, Doug started to become more mean spirited and bossy.  Getting upset with me over not spending time with him or talking to him.  That was about the time that I gave up on him.  I couldn’t stand his behavior anymore.  So, I started to back away from him.  I started looking for someone new.  Doug picked up on this and became even MORE unbearable.  This was about the time I met Matt.  A week after I meet Matt, I’m spending more and more time away from Doug.  He finally says something to me about cheating.  That I’m cheating on him with Matt.  So, I tell him, “Tf, you’re not my boyfriend.  Therefore I’m not cheating.”  Doug drops it and he continues to act the way he does.

Today, I had posted on Instagram about Matt.  Doug sees this and goes through this whole spiel that reeked of seething jealousy.  Doug is literally upset that I’m talking to another man.  This was our conversation:

Doug:  You better not ignore me for that loser
Me:  Doug, I would never ignore you.  Is it really that big a deal?  You’re my bff, you should know that I value you more than that.
Doug:  You say that but idk
Me:  What do you mean?  Why don’t you know?
Doug:  I don’t know but it bugs me.  I’ll leave you alone.
Me:  You don’t need to do that.  I love you man, I don’t want you to be upset by it.
Doug:  I’m jealous. I have a problem.
Me:  Don’t be jealous.  You don’t get jealous when the guys play with other people but not you.
Doug:  I know, this is different
Me:  How?  What makes me different?
Doug:  Because u are better than those people.
Me:  That means a lot 🙂

I was lost.  I didn’t understand what was happening here other than he clearly has an issue with my dating someone.  So, I showed the conversation to my BFF.  She looked it over and became mad.  She asked me if it was okay to say something.  Assuming she was asking to be blunt with me, she messaged Doug and completely went off on him about me and how he was treating me and how the door of opportunity is almost closed.
I got a message from Doug saying that we needed to talk after he got off work.

Doug called me at about 6:30pm.  The first words out of his mouth was, “So, do you have something to say to me?”
Not realizing that my BFF had written him an angry essay, I said, “Doug, I have a million things I want to say but I just… can’t.  There’s a line…”
So he just drops a bombshell on me.
“I’d be open to dating.  You.”

I think I about dropped dead.  I couldn’t even speak for a minute.  I just heard the words I’ve been waiting a long time to hear.  We talked for another couple hours and we agreed to give it a try.  And I can’t even begin to describe how quickly I was done with Matt and ready to take on the man that has been driving me insane for months and months now.  And the moment I sat down, I dropped Matt.  I didn’t even need to think twice.  I knew exactly what I wanted and I took it.

Doug is MINE.
He’s actually MINE.