Well, I made the first major decision of 2018.

I’m going to die this year.

My elderly grandparents are in need of someone to help them do some daily tasks.  I’ve offered to find a job where they are and come live with them to help them out.  They have plans to relocate to the south where the rest of the family is.  I will stay with them until that point.  Then, goodbye.

This will give me time to get my affairs in order.  Time to draw up a will and have it notarized.  I don’t have much in this world but at least there will be a clear indicator of what needs to be done.  In fact, I’ve drawn up all the documents I believe I’ll need in the event of my death.  I’ve basically handed everything over to my father to take care of.

I don’t have anyone or anything left in this life.  Being around my grandparents reminds me of how many medical issues I’m likely to inherit.  I have no one to help take care of me when all that happens.  I know for fact that if something happened to my dad or my mom, neither has listed me or my sisters as executor or whatever.

Anyway, now I have a little peace.  I feel better about this decision.  I’m gonna spend this year doing the things that I wanted to do and say the things I need to say.