The Concert

Since Doug’s birthday party, we seem to have grown a bit closer.  Obviously, not romantically.  I want to report that I’ve successfully gotten past that but I’d just be lying.  I do keep it on the back burner now.  I really only get upset when he starts talking about the girl he’d like to land.  Hello fucker, I have everything you want and need but I’m still invisible.

Anyway, Doug landed tickets to the Children of Bodom show at UC Berkeley.  So, we checked into a hotel near there and met up with his friend.  The 2 opening acts I’d never heard of before.  Uncured and Lost Society.  I wish I had gotten video of Uncured’s set.  I was completely mesmerized by Rex Cox’s guitar skills.  I couldn’t stop watching his fingers tearing up his frets.  And the music is exactly the style I love in my choices of death metal.  Okay, okay, I admit that I swooned like a goddamned fangirl and texted my BFF and told her to make room, I was kidnapping Rex and keeping him for myself.  Lost Society tore it up but they’re not really my style.  It was like Rage Against the Machine went death metally.

However, I also fell in love with Carach Angren…  It was one thing when Doug introduced me to them via Spotify…  I already loved the sound and decided to obtain everything they’ve ever produced.  But to see/hear them live…  Omg, fangirl warning!  Them I did get video of:


Then, finally, we have Children of Bodom.  Doug likes to say he “subjected” me to them, but really, it was a happy introduction.  I really enjoy their sound and have also vowed to obtain everything they have produced.  I kinda fell in love with Henkka Seppälä.  I’ve never seen anyone tear up the bass like that man did…  *swoon*  I got video of them too:

I’ve never seen Doug so happy before and it made my entire evening. I walked away with some merch from Uncured and was glad I could finally hit a show like this with someone else who liked death metal.  Doug is the first friend I’ve had that not only shared the love of death metal but surpassed me in that love.  I’ve been rediscovering this genre thanks to him.

I’m sad to be going home this week.  Despite my feelings for Doug, we do have a really good time together and he reminds me that life isn’t always full of doom and gloom.