Pay It Forward

It hit me this morning.  I do have something that makes me happy.

Helping others.

It’s a double edged sword but I understand the consequences of helping people out these days.  I could easily be taken advantage of.  However, in my world, you only get one shot.  If you fuck it up, that’s on you and you won’t get an ounce of sympathy from me.

I have a friend, a younger friend, who lives in a small rural town in the mid-west.  He’s had a hard time finding a job in such a remote area but to make matters worse, he doesn’t even have the money to afford decent clothes to find a job.  He’s so far down on his luck that he has to move back and forth between his parents (he’s in his 20’s).  So, I took it upon myself to buy him a set of clothes and a pair of good working shoes that can also be used for interviews.

He messaged me this morning to tell me his shoes arrived and they fit perfectly.  And for the first time in weeks, my heart soared! All I can do now is sit back and hope I haven’t been taken advantage of.

Still, it feels good tho.