Part 7

Her name was Layla.

I still don’t fully recall where this crazy bitch came from but suddenly, she was there. She was loud and boisterous. She screamed for attention and said some pretty off the wall things to get that attention. She accused some poor fucker of sexual assault and stalking when all he did was ask her out on a date.

Layla was a box blonde and had a horse mouth like Julia Roberts. A married mother of 4 and not so devout Mormon. She apparently hated her marriage and would drink to forget about it.

She planted the idea in Alen’s head that I was terrible to him and hurt him and how could he love someone like me? I was completely undeserving in her eyes. She then went about getting me completely removed from his life.

I hope she reads this someday and comes to these words:

He still fucked me after he was seeing you. He still called and texted me. He still told me he loved me. He told me he planned to come live with me. All while he was supposedly going to leave his wife for you, rescue you from your shitty marriage and take you off to Never Neverland while you left your poor children behind. See, the difference between you and me is that I never had any expectations of him actually leaving his wife. I knew he never would. His children meant too much to him. So much more than you or even me. And now look where you are…

Alen simply disappeared one day. All I got was a parting text that he was leaving, that he loved me and thanks for everything.

Turns out his wife was already 4 months pregnant with their 3rd child and he had been caught cheating with Layla. And it serves him right. We all now know what a dog he was/is. Even though I loved him with everything I had and he hurt me so badly, I’m glad he was caught. I feel for his wife though. He should have left her if she wasn’t enough for him. Really, we only know of the 2 women but who knows how many more there could have been! I’m still convinced that Alen doesn’t know how to love. He only knows how to twist and distort love to his advantage. It makes me feel so sorry that his children have him as a father. That his wife has no idea how fucked in the head he really is.