Part 4


Alen and I met Bella when we were recruiting for a petition. She was this beautiful, young 30 year old woman who just steals your breath. Standing next to her, I felt insignificant.  Alen took to her immediately.  Even I took to her immediately.  But Alen was who I wanted.

Alen spent no time at all trying to rein in Bella.  Bella always teased back with him but she was clearly not interested in anything outside goofing around.  She later told me that it was quite apparent what was going on with me and Alen.

The three of us starting doing things together, all the time.  We partied together, we ran together, just about everything.  Bella was happily single but had this amazing talent of just drawing people to her.  Everyone loved Bella, unless they met her fiery temper.

It was probably about 6 weeks after Bella became a part of our group that I confess my relationship with Alen to her.  She and I had grown close, I felt I could trust and talk to her.  She then tells me what I had mentioned previously, that she could see what was going on with Alen and I.  She tells me that Alen had been flirting with her.  Alen had been trying to get some alone time with her.  I was crushed.  I don’t know how else to describe the feeling.  My stomach dropped and the floor disappeared.

As the weeks went on, I’d hint to Alen that I knew what he was doing.  He’d brush it off as sport and that I was his one and only.  That wasn’t any more comforting. However, our time together had dwindled to the occasional conversation every few days.  He was all about Bella.  He didn’t realize it but, Bella was telling me everything.  He was being just as aggressive with her as he was with me.  She would show me conversations that they had via text.  He was using all the same lines on her that he did with me.  Bella swears that she thwarts his attempts and occasionally attempts to get him to confess to his affair with me.

He denied it.

That was it for me.  I was tired of feeling hurt and bruised.  I cut Alen off.  Removed him from my life.